Things You Need to Know: Conversion

Things you need to know about conversion in the Reform movement:

    1. You will study with your rabbi for about a year. You may also take a Shehecheyanuconversion class with people from several different movements and synagogues. The rabbis from the various congregations may take turns leading these classes. It’s a good opportunity to discover and discuss the difference in observance by different movements.
    2. There is a lot to read and think about. Some of the books will be about conversion. Some will be about Judaism. There will be Jewish history and also at least a bit of Hebrew.

  1. There is no single set of beliefs or tenets to memorize. The Jewish Covenant with G-d is comprised of 613 Mitzvot. Not all movements adhere to all of these tenets. Some believe that all the Mitzvot (holy acts) that are still possible to follow today must be followed. Some believe that only those that bring personal meaning to your observance as a Jew need to be part of your Jewish life.
  2. There is a copy of the Shehecheyanu in the Mikvah. It is laminated.
  3. The experience of being in the Mikvah and reciting the Shehecheyanu will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. I know it was for me. It’s been about fifteen years since my conversion and it still makes me emotional to think about it.

[I was converted under the practices of the Reform movement. This particular post speaks to those practices. Future posts will have information about conversion in other movements.]

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