Shabbat 02/23/13

Shabbat CandlesShabbat is here! I love preparing for Shabbat dinner. I enjoy the cooking and the thought that goes into it – when there’s enough time.

When there’s not, we have a rotisserie chicken, fresh-baked Challah from the bakery, and mashed potatoes, gravy, and salad I make for the meal. The kids help. It just feels right.

I think it’s nice to have something special to discuss at dinner. We always tell what the best thing and worst things were that happened that week and what we’re looking forward to the next week. But how about something like ….

What do you think John Ashbery, Pulitzer Prize winning American poet, means when he says, “It is true that I can no longer remember very well the time when we first began to know each other. However, I do remember very well the first time we met.” Does this apply to things other than relationships?

Shabbat Shalom!

No Longer Very Clear by John Ashbery

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