Your Slip is Showing: Shabbat

These are the things that no one has probably thought to tell you about celebrating Shabbat in the Reform movement. You’ll be glad to know them. Believe me.

  1. When you go to your first Shabbat dinner with a family with a family member who already is, or is studying to be a rabbi, do not feel mortified to discover there is more to Shabbat blessings and ritual than you ever dreamed. Also, do not let it upset you enough that you don’t celebrate Shabbat in your own home for several months.
  2. There is a beautiful blessing that parents can say over their children.
  3. If you break one candlestick, even if it is a simple pair that is probably shipped by the gross to Judaica stores worldwide, you cannot purchase just one candlestick.
  4. The temple gift shop most likely has everything you will need to celebrate Shabbat.
  5. You can buy challah dough that is already shaped and frozen, then pop it in the oven and bake it when you need it. No. It’s not as fluffy as if you make it yourself.

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