Shabbat 03/02/13

Shabbat CandlesIt’s hard to believe another week has flown by. In fact, another month has flown by – at least by the secular calendar. I’m ready for one of two things: a really big snowstorm or an early spring. This cold weather without snow is getting very old!

This week we’re going to vary our traditional Shabbat dinner and mix it up a bit. We’re going to have an Italian twist and serve ravioli instead of chicken. It’s one of the dinners I grew up with that works on Shabbat. We’ll have a salad and challah, too. For dessert? Ricotta with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.

I promised a discussion topic each Shabbat. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. For this week I’ve settled on a question that’s been a hot topic in our house the past few weeks as my 10th grade son prepared to give a speech in English class. Do you believe animal testing should be banned? Are there any circumstances where it should be allowed?

Shabbat Shalom!

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