B’nai Mitzvah Prep

It’s Bat Mitzvah prep time in my house! My daughter is getting nervous and excited. It’s still months away, but the time to learn her Torah portion and work on her speeches is very close.

I know the prep period is going to seem long and arduous to her. I know it’s going to pass far more quickly than she anticipates. I also know there are going to be things she needs help with- whether she realizes it or not.

At our temple, each child has two adults who work to prepare that child. One is the midrashim or midrashim – the person who helps the child interpret the Torah portion and write the speeches they’ll give during the service. The other is the Hebrew tutor who will work with the child to be sure the Torah portion and blessings are all ready for the big day.

My role is to listen to the portion and blessings between tutoring sessions. It’s also to discuss the Torah portion and go through the various interpretations of that portion through the ages. It’s also to stay calm as the date of the service approaches.

It’s also my role to be sure there are invitations and that they are sent out in time. Planning a tasteful and appropriate celebration to mark the occasion is also part of my role. For my daughter, we’re going to have a party at the synagogue right after the service. She’s inviting plenty of friends and I’ll be sure there’s plenty to eat!

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