Food: Matzoh Ball

Okay. I’m sitting here laughing. What kind of Italian Jewish mom creates a site and leaves out a section for food? I’ve flown in the face of at least three traditions and lived to tell the tale!

So this section will have food – lots of it. There will be posts about the history of food, the place for a specific food in a celebration or ritual, the name of must-have cookbooks, my recipes, your recipes… Let’s make this a food section worth visiting!

MatzahBallComing up first – the perfect matzoh ball…  Yes. Those little balls of matzoh meal and egg. The ones you break open a fresh box of matzoh meal for each year. The ones you lovingly mix and refrigerate and roll before dropping them into the boiling broth.

Are yours like mine, sinking to the bottom of the bowl like dispirited lumps of lead or do you create the ethereal kind that float and bob atop the broth?

Tell us how you do it. We really wanna know!

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