Shabbat 04/06/13

Shabbat Candles

Passover is over. The matzoh balls were what they were. And I have to say, they were spectacular. It took way too long but I can finally say I’ve mastered the matzoh ball!

Spring break is over. The house has been quiet. Our regular routine makes me appreciate the moments of special time we create and fit into the cracks between school, homework, work, and sleep.

For Shabbat this evening we’ll talk about the Book of Job. I’m interested to hear what my kids have to say on the subject. I’m usually amazed at what they bring to the table. If that’s a no-go, we’ll discuss the Torah portion for this week or use the guide from Family Shabbat Torah Talk. Either way we’ll have some quiet family time.

Shabbat Shalom!

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